2- Lumeal

LUMEAL is a concealed-opening slider offering minimalist lines and only 68 and 77mm aluminium visible, around 35 % less visible structure. This slim design gives 8 to 14 % more glazed area according to the applications, as well as a Sw of 0.48.

LUMEAL concealed opening sash is a new concept totally different from the traditional sliding window to create new sash / frame combinations . It is therefore possible to produce asymmetrical 1-leaf + fixed frames, with a large section fixed and an opening section the size of a door without increasing the amount of visible aluminium. LUMEAL is designed to manufacture large sliding systems, up to L 4.50m x H 2.70m with 2 or 3 rails and up to 250kg per leaf.

LUMEAL patio-door threshold allows an easier access, conform to European standards and maintaining the sealing performance.

The locking system integrated in the fixed frame is not accessible from the exterior in order to improve security. Three exclusive-design handles which discretely merge into the visual perception of the sliding sashes.

LUMEAL exceptional performances are equivalent to a casement frame:

Thermal performances: Uw = 1, 4 W/m².K for a 2 leaves patio-door

Air – Water – Wind performances: A4-E5A-VB3
Conformity with the air permeability criteria for BBC labeling buildings

Using concealed opening technology, LUMEAL boasts an acoustic performance that far exceeds that of conventional-design sliding windows:

Up to 37dB (Ra, Tr) for a 1-leaf patio door + 1 fixed frame

The LUMEAL product range proposes a motorized option to answer to accessibility and design customers’ requirements. Fully integrated to the slider, LUMEAL with motorized option saves its same high performance and aesthetic.

User comfort and security:
- Large dimensions (frames up to 4 meter long)
- Easy and noiseless lateral displacement (speed around 0.15m/s)
- In case of obstacle, the door stops and goes back to release
- Possibility of manual handling in case of power cut

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