* Why?
Because of Home Motion by Somfy, you can bring all the openings in your home to life.
Home Motion: Powering and moving the openings in the house by means of Somfy motors, controls and automatic devices to make life easier, safer, more comfortable... and to save energy.

* What are the benefits for me?
With Home Motion by Somfy, your home becomes both safer and more private. You have more living space and it enables you to lower energy consumption.

* Like?
You can lower your conservatory blinds with one click. Close your garage door from your car, tilt your Venetian blinds from your armchair, and take advantage of the sun out on your patio without moving from your lounge chair.

* The conclusion?
Home Motion by Somfy really makes your life easy!

* Motors:
There is a wide range of Somfy motors, for new buildings or renovation projects. Each is specially designed for the equipment it operates.
For Example:
- An awning motor runs smoothly so as not to damage the fabric,
- a roller shutter motor stops automatically if it encounters an obstacle or if it is frozen,
- a garage door motor fitted with a battery back-up pack will operate even in a power cut,
- a gate motor can keep the gate closed,
- motors for interior shades are particularly quiet,
- a curtain motor can also be operated by hand so that it doesn't get damaged when you pull on the curtain ...

* Controls and automatic devices:
- Controls - these are used to control the motors that raise, lower, open, close or direct the equipment.
- Wall mounted control unit, usually on the wall close to the application, controlled either by radio or electrically via wires.
- Remote control unit, this means you are free to control equipment from a distance with a portable handset, wherever you are in the house.
Automatic devices, you can plan or delegate opening and closing functions in your home.
Plan using the programming function, this provides an automatic function: there's no need for you to do anything. For example - open and close your blinds at predetermined times, automatically close your roller shutter at nightfall with the "twig light function".

Delegate with sensors
- a wind sensor triggers your awning so that it reacts to prevent the fabric from getting ripped.
- a sun sensor lowers your interior shades or tilts the slats of your venetian blinds to keep your house cool in summer, etc...

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