4- Baluestrade

Elegance and choice
GYPSE is a patented system with 2 principles: single and double post. This range is a real competitive aesthetics vs. steel material (double post version) and an appropriate response to high creative and / or economical demands. It is ideal for treating both the renovation through traditional applications (single post), but also the boldest projects of new buildings (double post). GYPSE comes also in swimming-pool barrier and balcony separation barrier harmonizing your external closures safely (Standard May 2004 NF-P90-306). All models meet the French legislation in force (NFP01.012 July 1988).

Almost 150 Certifications are available.
Wide range of aesthetics: ocean liner style, decoration, rounded or rectangular rail, stainless steel tube rails, cables, etc.
Adaptable to all mounting options: top-fixed to slab, face-fixed to slab, in front of slab, reveal mounted, low-wall mounted, stairs and inclines.
Wide choice of accessories and infill (decorative panels, glass, stainless steel tubes, cables).
Wide range of Technal finishing.

Easy to manufacture:
Pre-drilled profiles to simplify the manufacturing
Streamlined tools
Optimized time for bar crimping => 4 minutes per ml