Aluminum, Glass, Stainless Steel.

ALGSCO’s purpose was to be distinguished from all others aluminium competitors by the best quality and services they present to their customers.
Today, ALGSCO s.a.r.l. has gained the experience needed to compete with any aluminium workshop in Lebanon. And the services that ALGSCO s.a.r.l. presents are the best answers to everyone’s needs in aluminium and glass.
At ALGSCO s.a.r.l., we strive on providing our end users with quality, innovation and diversity. Therefore, we are always working on extensive research to insure the latest technologies in assembly and installation. Moreover, we guarantee customer satisfaction by offering those specialized solutions and a wide range of quality products.....

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The Technal brand is part of SAPA, the world's leading group in the building systems sector, dedicated to the creation of innovative and sustainable aluminium façade systems that inspire contemporary architecture.


Why? Because of Home Motion* by Somfy, you can bring all the openings in your home to life. * Home Motion: Powering and moving the openings in the house by means of Somfy motors, controls and automatic devices to make life easier, safer, more comfortable...